Utkarsh Makwana


Utkarsh Makwana holds a Masters in Visual Arts degree in Painting from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara. Utkarsh’s practice deals mainly with drawing and painting taking reference from miniature traditions and further extends into site-specific installations, sculptures etc. The painting and drawing compositions has lead him to create multifaceted layered narratives, with the prime concern being the depiction of a story in each work, which gradually reveals itself as the eye moves through the whole work. Through his work he tries to create an imaginary world, which consists of humans, animals, birds, aliens and several other imaginary creatures and objects. His drawings become a tool to invoke these fictions, like a traveler documenting his travels in an imaginary world. His work becomes the point of interactions between the mundane and the imagined worlds for the viewers.
The artist lives and works in Vadodara