B. Prabha


B Prabha studied at the Nagpur School of Art after which she pursued a diploma in painting and mural painting from J. J. Schhol of Art, Mumbai.  A modern artist, B Prabha experimented with different styles and mediums before resolving to oils as her preferred medium. She is known for an elegant formal style which range from landscapes to social issues of her time like hunger and homelessness. She was an artist at a period where women were highly oppressed in India and her works are a reflection and an ode to the plight of women in her home country.  She was moved by the lives of rural women and this was a recurrent theme in her works. 
She drew inspiration from Amrita Sher-Gil. 
In 1956 she married fellow artist B. Vithal after which her signature style evolved from modern abstract forms to more decorative figures. 
The artist passed away in 2001.