Persistence Of Memory

10 May - 09 June, 2018

An intrinsic relationship exists between a painted image and human memory - remembering and forgetting occur simultaneously in the very act of painting. In a large way, what distinguishes this process from many other image making methods is the arc of time in which it is made and changed by the process of re thinking, re working and re doing – a transformation always beside and beyond the first idea and sketch of it. In its very nature, it is a medium and technique prone to change, alteration, often even after it is complete. Though the duration of their process, skill, concept and style differentiates one painter from the other, it is interesting to note the similarity in the basic nature of a painter’s process. One that is defined not by a final outcome but by its journey, one that is decidedly a reflective mode of engagement even as it co-opts the accidents and chaos implicit in such a way of working. 
The artists in this exhibition frequent this process in their own ways – often creating works carrying multiple meanings through their varied approach to the process of painting. Their works in the exhibition portray a range of subjects from autobiographical accounts to observed notes on the everyday life and from critiques to hope in times of the changing landscape around them. They strive to keep the hand drawn and hand painted techniques alive, often as an act of remembering, through their individually expressive and nuanced vocabularies.