Kama Chameleon: Shaw, Souza, Somnath

08 December - 12 January, 2017

Kama Chameleon is the first presentation in India of a substantial suite of works by Raqib Shaw, the renowned Kashmiri artist who has been based in London for nearly two decades. Shaw depicts a variety of creatures, including human-animal hybrids, that are as gloriously over the top and richly imagined as J.K. Rowling’s fantastic beasts, with the difference that few of Shaw’s creations would qualify for a PG rating.
The exhibition places Shaw’s works on paper in conversation with small-format drawings, paintings and etchings by two masters, F. N. Souza and Somnath Hore. These cover a range of human experiences from spiritual inspiration to eroticism to despair. The emotions of desire, anxiety and fear are foregrounded in the selection from Souza and Hore, to complement the mood of Shaw’s oeuvre.